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Cusco Day Tours

  • Inti Raymi – Sun Festival

    Back to in the Incas time, the Inti Raymi was the most important of four ceremonies celebrated in Cusco, as many chroniclers explained about it. The celebration took place in the Haukaypata or the main plaza in the city of Cusco. Inti Raymi “Festival of the Sun” was a religious ceremony for the Incas in honor to the God Inti, one […]

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  • South Valley Tour – Full Day

    This amazing South Valley tour is a nice combination of Pre-Inca, Inca and Colonial period, that few people visit. You will be amazed with landscape, and the beauty of each Inca sites, you will pass by many villages, most of them rich in gastronomy. South Valley Tour – Itinerary We will start visiting the archeological […]

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  • Maras Moray Tour

    Maras Moray Tour is a beautiful mix of Inca and Spanish culture with many traditions. Moray is a beautiful Inca agriculture Laboratory to Aclimate all difernt crops. The purpose of these depressions is uncertain, but their depth design and orientation with respect to wind and sun creates a temperature difference of as much as 15 […]

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  • Sacred Valley Tour – Fullday

    The sacred valley Tour is the biggest tourist attraction in the Cusco region for its stunning scenery, imposing mountains, its pleasant climate, fertile land with abundant water, megalithic cultural evidences. Among the main places to visit are: Pisaq with its colorful fair; Calca with its hot springs; Yucay with its Inca palace; Urubamba with its […]

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  • Cusco City Tour

    Cusco City Tour is the best way to explore the ancient City of the Incas, the Cusco City Tour takes you through the most important temples and palaces from the 14th and 16th centuries. Cusco is a unique testimony of the ancient Inca civilization, heart of the Tawantinsiuyo Imperial government, which exercised political, religious and administrative […]

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