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  • Choquequirao Trek Route

    The choquequirao trek route goes on the rugged terrain into the remote region between where the Andes ends and the Amazon begins, it goes through high mountain passes, low river valley and sub-tropical cloud forest with stunning snow-capped mountains. Choquequirao trek route starts in the villages of Cachora, which is a 4–5 hour drive west of […]

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  • Choquequirao Peru

    Choquequirao is one of the most beautiful Inca ruins in Peru – Cusco, remote, spectacular, and still not entirely cleared, even it was discovered earlier than Machu Picchu by a Frenchman in the 18th century and then the same Hiram Bingham arrived in 1909, just before he found Machu Picchu. According studies Choquequirao was built […]

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  • Choquequirao Trail

    Choquequrao trail starts in a little town of Cachora with a overlooking of Apurimac canyon, this trail is quiet challenging but surprisingly amazing adventure, free of crowds, mind-blowing trail that goes through Apurimac canyon to the mountaintop sacred city of Choquequirao, this is a great alternative trail to the busy Classic Inca trail that connects […]

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  • Choquequirao Trek Company

    We are a local tour Company specialized on Choquequirao trail, this little known wildness place offers a unique experience. Our Choquequirao trek to Machu Picchu is specifically and carefully designed for our clients, we operate our own treks. As a Sustainable Tourism Company we are committed to the protection of environment and to our local […]

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  • What is the Weather on the Choquequirao trek?

    The Weather on the Choquequirao trek exhibits the largest diversity among the trek. Temperature is proportional to altitude, really hot temperatures in the low-lying valleys varying from 25°C to 40°C, depending on the seasons and in the high elevations could temperatures varying from 0 °C up to 19°C. In Cusco area the rainy season starts in September but increase between […]

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