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Choquequirao Trek Route

Choquequirao Trek Route

The choquequirao trek route goes on the rugged terrain into the remote region between where the Andes ends and the Amazon begins, it goes through high mountain passes, low river valley and sub-tropical cloud forest with stunning snow-capped mountains.

Choquequirao trek route starts in the villages of Cachora, which is a 4–5 hour drive west of Cusco city. The route usually goes from Cachora through the Apurimac Valley to Chiquisca where we stop for camping. From Chiquisca the route continues down until the Apurímac River before ascending to Santa Rosa and then onto Marampata.

Join us in our organized tours that include a professional guide, camping equipment, mules to carry gear and a cook to prepare food, meals, snacks and drinks are the best intervals along the trail, our camping areas are located in the most beautiful places and with the best views.

From Choquequirao we continue hiking to Machu Picchu. The Choquequirao trek to Machu Picchu takes 9 days trek, and involve going over the Yanama Pass, which at 4,648 m is the highest point on the trek. You really need to be well acclimatized, and fit to go on this trek and avoid the altitude sickness.




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